Event Lounge

Bd. Général Wahislaan
16F,1030 Brussels.

Event Lounge offers a unique, modern decor for events up to 1100 people. With its 2500m², Event Lounge offers multiple combinations to make events like conferences, seminars, meetings, exhibitions. The excellent reputation it has earned is the result of a constant effort to react speedily to changes taking place and a willingness to provide answers to current ecological challenges facing us all. There is a three-fold perspective: a mission to ensure the venue’s constant evolution and to increase the range and quality of the services at all times; to provide up-to-minute technology, and to maintain a strong ecological commitment in the approach to the environmental challenges.

Sustainability :

Event Lounge cares about the environment and limits its CO² emissions wherever possible. In this respect, Event Lounge has signed the “Green Key” & “CO2LOGIC” charter and has undertaken a series of steps to limit its ecological footprint, without however endangering its correct functioning and efficiency. These ecological labels are granted to companies to reward them for their environmental dynamism and their progress in this area. For the Event Lounge, sustainability has always been a determining factor in the decisions made by general management not only about the complex but about the events themselves. Examples are in promotion of public transport, selective waste sorting, or ecologically sound lighting. In 2019, the Event Lounge confirmed this commitment by installing 900 solar panels that are able to generate 50 % of the energy required to run the venue, and to supply the four charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles.

Accessibility :

The Event Lounge is easily accessible and situated nearby the heart of Brussels and Brussels National Airport. The Event Lounge has a private parking of 150 cars and parking facilities in the surroundings of 400 cars.